• Cat Lover Coloring Page

    Without my cat, I’d have more money and my house would be cleaner… But my heart would be empty! If this sounds like you, then you need this cute cat coloring page! Color it with your furry friend by your side, hopefully not eating your pencils… and then display it in on the wall in your cat’s favorite room, so everyone knows who’s really the boss ;)
  • Cat Wisdom Coloring Page

    There’s a lot we can learn from cats. They are majestic, confident creatures that don’t take no for an answer and know how to enjoy life. Always be curious – great questions lead to great answers; Never stop exploring – life is not meant to be lived from the couch; Show love to your friends and the people around you - but leave the purring to the cats, because that would just be weird; ...But make the most of time alone – this is often when your best ideas will come; Get plenty of sleep – your body needs it more than you know; And of course, never say no to free food. Just because. This coloring page celebrates the important cat life lessons that your furry friend will be proud to teach you. Color it with your cat and display it proudly in THEIR house… because we all know who’s really the boss!
  • When you're looking for something encouraging to color, these coloring pages are perfect. With a mix of uplifting and encouraging quotes, color these pages to help get through hard days, remind you about the positive things and encourage you dream bigger. Quotes include "never give up on your dreams", "start each day with a thankful heart", "do what makes you happy" and more. The Uplifting Collection includes 12 coloring pages, featured in Sarah's Coloring Calm: Relaxing Coloring Book.
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    Together we are facing a significant amount of stress and anxiety, and so it’s important to take the time to unwind and do something creative, to give our minds a break and a chance to recover. I have curated a selection of my coloring pages from my other coloring books to bring you this special quarantine collection - intended to encourage you, help you de-stress, and remind you that you’re not alone. These pages come from the following books: - A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers - Coloring Through Cancer - Words of Strength - Uplifting Collection - Confessions of a Coloring Addict
  • 4 Collections: Coloring Bundle

    This bundle includes 4 collections of coloring pages with 12 coloring pages in each. You can see each of the individual packs at the links below, or purchase them together in this bundle at a lower price.