• To celebrate the upcoming release of my new book Coloring Through Cancer, please enjoy this free coloring page that you can color. The section at the bottom says "I am coloring for" - you can write the name of a person, charity or cancer in this box. Coloring through Cancer will be available in the first week of July 2016 on Amazon and at sarahrenaeclark.com Anyone who has been through cancer, is going through cancer or who knows someone who has been affected by cancer needs to have this book! So please spread the word and invite your friends to my launch event.  
  • Be a Pineapple | Free Coloring Page

    The pineapple doesn't care what others think about its prickly appearance or messy hair. Do you see a pineapple spending time doing its makeup in the morning? No, don't be silly. The pineapple is bold - tough on the outside, sweet on the inside. It's not afraid to cause controversy when it comes to pizza toppings. It stands tall. It's the fruit of kings and the king of fruits. Enbrace the pineapple, be the pineapple, color the pineapple.
  • One tree... many uses! Here are some ideas to make this simple coloring page more interesting, and even practical!
    • Write out your goals/dreams in each circle and color them as you achieve them.
    • Turn it into a family tree
    • Use it as a color comparison wheel or blending practice chart
    • Use each circle as a to-do list item
    • Practice your own doodling patterns in each of the sections of the tree
    • Use it as a countdown / advent calendar (each circle is a day)
    • Or just color it in and make it pretty :)
  • Free Christmas Cracker Template

    Color and make your own Christmas Crackers with this free printable template! These DIY Christmas Crackers are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue and fill with all your favorite goodies! You can check out my video tutorial and step-by-step photo instructions HERE: If you'd like more designs, you can upgrade to my pack of 8 Christmas Crackers, or check out my huge Christmas Coloring Bundle!
  • Here's a free coloring page to appeal to the steampunk lovers and pattern crazy fans out there. This coloring page is from Pattern Crazy: Mechanical Mayhem Pattern Crazy: Mechanical Mayhem is the perfect adult coloring book for anyone who loves robots, steampunk, machines, technology, science fiction or patterns. There are 45 different pages included, so download the whole book here or check it out on Amazon.
  • Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page

    Enjoy this free Thanksgiving coloring page. Use the space to write what you are thankful for. Please use the social links to share with your friends.
  • Free DIY Easter Egg Basket Template

    Color and make your own paper Easter egg basket with this free PDF printable template! Add to cart and checkout to receive this PDF printable template, then check out my video tutorial and step by step instructions to make your own Easter egg basket! This Easter basket is a sample from my huge Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check it out here.
  • Doodle Frame coloring page

    Please enjoy this free coloring page with intricate details and a place for you to add your own message or picture in the middle! Why not print out out and write your favorite quote, then frame it for your desk? Or give it as a gift? If you like it, please spare a minute to share with your friends using the social links below.
  • Free Abstract Floral Coloring Page

    Enjoy this free abstract floral patterned coloring page! Please use the social links to share with your friends.
  • This free coloring page is a Mother's Day message that says "Thanks for Being an Awesome Mom". I've provided an alternate version with the spelling "Mum". If you like it, please use the links below to share with your friends! If you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift, please check out my range of other Mother's Day coloring pages, gift boxes, cards, gift tags and more - get it all here.
  • This is a free sample coloring page from the Confessions of a Coloring Addict Coloring Book for Adults. You can get the whole book on Amazon or as a printable download. Find out more and see what's inside here.
  • Admit it... You're addicted! This printable coloring page is free to download. If you enjoy it, you'll also enjoy my book "Color Your World", which includes 20 more funny, inspirational, silly and motivation quotes for every coloring enthusiast. The quotes included in the book include: "You can't color too much", "So many pages, so little time", "Don't ever tell me to stop coloring", "Sleep. Eat. Color. Repeat.", "I'm a colorholics anonymous dropout", "Coloring addict at work","I promise I'm almost done!", and more! Add the "Color Your World" Coloring Book to your cart for only $2.95... Get it HERE. If you prefer a copy mailed to your door, it's also available on Amazon... and is currently on sale for $3.95!
  • St Patrick’s Day Free Coloring Page

    Download this St Patrick's Day adult coloring page for free to celebrate the luckiest day of the year!   Simply press "Add to cart" and then checkout with your email address. The PDF will be emailed to you! Check out my "Free and Under $1" section for more seasonal free adult coloring pages!
  • Happy Easter – Free Coloring Page

    Everyone loves free coloring pages! So please enjoy this new free page from my collection. This free coloring page is a Happy Easter message on an Easter themed background, created from hand drawn artwork that has been digitally manipulated. If you like it, please use the links below to share with your friends! For more Easter coloring pages and other printables, check out my Easter Coloring Activity Pack!
  • This is a free sample from the Coloring Christmas Family Coloring Book. Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. Coloring Christmas brings you 30 coloring pages to color with the whole family. Each of the designs have nice bold lines, with a mix of designs ranging from Christmas decorations suitable for beginners to full page intricate patterns to appeal to the more advanced colorists. It’s the perfect Christmas coloring activity for all ages and skill levels. Find out more about the book HERE or check out my huge Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack HERE.
  • 3D Stars – Free Adult Coloring Page

    Everyone loves free coloring pages! So please enjoy this one from my collection. This free coloring page is made up of digitally drawn stars. If you like it, please use the links below to share with your friends!
  • Flower Power | Free Coloring Page

    Add some flower power to your day with this cute coloring page. It's been a busy day and your coloring books are calling. The kids will be home from school any minute now, but you just need a moment to do something for yourself. So you might as well take this opportunity to smash out a 5-minute masterpiece. Your pencils will thank you.
  • DIY Mother’s Day Gift Box Template

    This free printable Mother's Day gift box template is the perfect way to personalize your Mother's Day gift. The box comes as two 8.5 x 11" black and white pages - one for the base and one for the lid. Color in your template, then cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, and glue the panels together to make your box. You can see the video tutorial and step-by-step photo instructions on my blog post.
  • If love were a city, it would be Paris. The intimate cafés are lined with wicker chairs and the smell of hot croissants. The bridges are decorated with every type of padlock, where thousands of tourists declare their love. The instantly recognizable Eiffel tower is seen in every postcard, photo and Facebook feed. A visit to Paris is a once in a lifetime experience. Let your pencils take you where your purse can’t, and enjoy this free coloring page.
  • Download this free sample page from my Color the Alphabet Adult Coloring Book. Color the Alphabet is an A-Z Coloring Book for grown-ups that includes all 26 letters of the alphabet in detailed coloring pages.   Each page includes a letter with an intricate pattern on the inside and a thick white border, mounted on a background that includes a similar intricate pattern. The patterns have been hand drawn and then digitally manipulated to create a detailed kaleidoscope effect, with additional hidden letters inside each design. The back of the book includes a second design of each letter page, but half the size, so you can cut them out to use for cardmaking or scrapbooking. The pages are all single sided and are framed within a border, so it’s easy to cut out an individual coloring page for framing as a gift without ruining the other designs in the book. Check out the full book HERE.
  • Free Father’s Day Coloring Card

    This printable Father's Day card is easy to make and fun to color in! There are two versions included in this free download, including an already-colored printable card and one that you can color in yourself. The card template prints on a standard letter size page (8.5 x 11") and includes cut and fold lines. The final card folds to approximately 5 x 7" You can scale the print to fit A4 printers or to print smaller cards if you prefer. You can get the whole pack of 10 different Father's Day cards HERE.
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