• Color and make these Father's Day gift tags to add to a special gift for your dad. These printable Father's Day gift tags are super easy to make and there are 8 different black and white designs to choose from, with a variety of different shapes and styles. If you're looking for a gift for dad too, find more Father’s Day printables and coloring pages in my shop.
  • What are you grateful for? This page is included in the following products:
  • Free Coloring Journal Pages

    Looking to get into journaling? Of course you are! This is a free sample so you can do a bit of 'try before you buy'... All of my journaling pages come in 4 formats available for each design (sample includes 1 design):
    • a grid format because bullet journals are awesome
    • small lines for those long love letters or diary entries
    • big lines because small lines can feel cruel at times
    • and a blank version to get your creative juices flowing!
    Find the perfect fit for your preferred journaling style, whether you like to write, draw or use a bullet journal. Each page is designed to print on a standard US Letter paper, but you can also use your "scale to print" function to resize them to any size you would like to include them in your current planner.
  • Free Christmas Cracker Template

    Color and make your own Christmas Crackers with this free printable template! These DIY Christmas Crackers are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue and fill with all your favorite goodies! You can check out my video tutorial and step-by-step photo instructions HERE: If you'd like more designs, you can upgrade to my pack of 8 Christmas Crackers, or check out my huge Christmas Coloring Bundle!
  • Free Christmas Coloring Card

    This printable Christmas coloring card is easy to make and fun to color in! The card template prints on a standard letter size page (8.5 x 11") and includes cut and fold lines. The final card folds to approximately 5 x 7" You can scale the print to fit A4 printers or to print smaller cards if you prefer. You can get the whole pack of 20 different Christmas cards HERE. All of the Christmas cards (and much more) are included in my HUGE Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack - You can check it out HERE.
  • Flower Girl Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    This flower girl coloring page is a great page to build your skin and hair coloring techniques and really create a beautiful piece of art. With intricate details and lots of lines to guide you, it's not as scary as it looks - start with some basic blocks of color and then work on some light shading as you go.
  • Ocean Girl Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    This ocean girl coloring page is a great page to build your skin and hair coloring techniques and really create a beautiful piece of art. With intricate details and lots of lines to guide you, it's not as scary as it looks - start with some basic blocks of color and then work on some light shading as you go. Example coloring page colored by Michelle HH.
  • Popsicle Pattern Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    Who doesn't love a little sugar? Let this fun popsicle coloring page take you back to those warm summer days, sitting at the beach, sucking on an icy sweet treat in your favorite flavor.
  • Let Your Heart Sing – Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    Creativity isn't limited to coloring. Capture your love for music and let your heart sing with this intricate piano adult coloring page. With lots of fun elements to color, this is a great page when you're ready to step into something a little more advanced, but it still allows for beginner's to create a beautiful piece of art. Perfect to hang on your wall! Example coloring page colored by Linda Franklin.
  • Free Gem Practice Sheet

    Practice coloring gemstones and test out different color combinations with this free printable gem practice sheet. If you'd like to learn how to color gems, please check out my tutorial on the blog.
  • Cat Lover Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    Without my cat, I’d have more money and my house would be cleaner… But my heart would be empty! If this sounds like you, then you need this cute cat coloring page! Color it with your furry friend by your side, hopefully not eating your pencils… and then display it in on the wall in your cat’s favorite room, so everyone knows who’s really the boss ;)
  • Cat Wisdom Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    There’s a lot we can learn from cats. They are majestic, confident creatures that don’t take no for an answer and know how to enjoy life. Always be curious – great questions lead to great answers; Never stop exploring – life is not meant to be lived from the couch; Show love to your friends and the people around you - but leave the purring to the cats, because that would just be weird; ...But make the most of time alone – this is often when your best ideas will come; Get plenty of sleep – your body needs it more than you know; And of course, never say no to free food. Just because. This coloring page celebrates the important cat life lessons that your furry friend will be proud to teach you. Color it with your cat and display it proudly in THEIR house… because we all know who’s really the boss!
  • Coloring Bookmarks | Set of 4

    $1 inc. GST
    So, you have enough coloring books... just kidding, of course not! For all the coloring lovers out there, these bookmarks are inspired by the funny Confessions of a Coloring Addict coloring book. (Check it out here) It includes 4 different designs that you can color over and over, so you can save time flipping back and forth trying to find your coloring page in your book, and more time coloring! To make them extra durable, print them on 200 GSM cardstock, or laminate them after coloring. These also make a great gift for your book-loving friends or teachers!
  • Free Quarantine Boredom Buster Bundle

    Isolation can be hard. Isolation with kids can be even harder. That's why I've teamed up with Cristin (cristinaprilfrey.com) and Menucha (momswithcrafters.com) to bring you this amazing collection of resources, ALL FOR FREE. We’ve brought this all together to help you reduce your stress, find ways to have fun, and to remind you to have a little laugh during this challenging season. Here's what's included: Just for Fun – ‘ I survived the TP Crisis’ stickers – by Sarah Renae Clark – Quarantine postcards – by Sarah Renae Clark Activities for the Kids – ‘What Can I Draw Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – ‘What Can I Build Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – Things to Do at Home With Kids – by Moms and Crafters – Goldilox Printable Puppets – by Moms and Crafters – Hand Washing Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark Coloring Pages for Adults – Encouraging Coloring Pages for Adults (x4) – by Sarah Renae Clark – 50 Nifty Geometric Coloring Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Coloring Pages (x9) – by Sarah Renae Clark – Coffee Coloring Pages (x2) – by Moms and Crafters – Mandala Mix (12 Coloring Pages) – by Cristin April Frey – Motherhood Coloring Pages – by Moms and Crafters Get Organized – Spring Cleaning Checklist – by Moms and Crafters – 25 Places to Declutter and Clean (for Kids) – by Moms and Crafters Creative Writing – Brush Lettering Practice Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Journal Pages – by Sarah Renae Clark
  • Free 2021 Coloring Calendar

    This free 2021 calendar is a sample of the 2021 Coloring Calendar
    • All 12 months included
    • Each month is on a separate page with a task and goals list on the side.
    • Each page includes a different patterned background for you to color in.
    Upgrade to the full 2021 Coloring Calendar to get:
    • 2 calendar designs (plus blank version) - you get both!
    • Both portrait and landscape versions
    • Both US Letter and A4 sizes
    • Week starting Monday or Sunday
    • No website on the monthly pages
  • This free 2021 January Planner is a sample of the 2021 Coloring Planner Printable Version This sample includes the January 2021 monthly calendar, monthly dashboard, goal tracker, weekly vertical planner pages, monthly memories, monthly reflection, notes page and coloring page! The full 2021 Coloring Planner comes in 3 formats: The Printed Planner: (LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE) Beautifully spiral-bound 9x11" planner with a gold foil cover, monthly tabs and premium paper, delivered to your doorstep. The Printable Planner: Print it yourself to add extra pages and fit your own binder, or color in your own cover and get it bound at your local print shop! The Digital Planner: Looks just like a real planner, but on your iPad or tablet! With a 2-page layout and interactive tabs to digitally plan in your favorite note-taking app. Stickers are also available when you purchase, or individually here.
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