The 10 Best Adult Coloring Tutorials for Beginners

New to adult coloring books? Adult coloring books are a great way to relax and reconnect with your creative side. But with so much advice on the internet - from adult coloring tutorials to choosing the right colors - it can be intimidating for a beginner colorist to find and learn the basic coloring skills and pencil techniques for adult coloring pages. So

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How to Draw Gemstones with Colored Pencils | Guest Tutorial by Amanda Rose Rambo

If you're looking for something to help your adult coloring pages pop and stand out from other artists, you need to learn how to draw gemstones! Gems can turn a boring space into a beautiful piece of art on it's own - and it's not as tricky as it looks. When it comes to coloring or drawing gems, Amanda Rose Rambo is the

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How to Promote Your Etsy Shop or Website on Pinterest

So, you’ve started selling products online. Maybe you’re on Etsy, maybe you have a website, or maybe like me, you’ve got both. You’ve followed all the advice online about taking great product photos, improving your SEO and getting your Etsy shop set up, but now comes the hardest part – promoting your shop and making money! When I first opened my Etsy shop

Never Stop Coloring – Free coloring page

If you've been told you have too many coloring books, or if you love being creative and experimenting with new color combinations, then this free coloring page is for you! This "Never Stop Coloring" free adult coloring page is from my coloring book Confessions of a Coloring Addict. Here's a look at how I've colored it. I used Copic markers for the

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How to Find the Perfect Color Palette Using The Color Catalog

Finding the right color combination can be one of the biggest obstacles to starting a new project. That's why I started creating my popular color palettes - to help other creatives and colorists find beautiful color combinations for their craft projects, coloring pages, or creative businesses. These color palettes have been shared on social media thousands of times and have been seen by

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Free 2019 Printable Coloring Calendar

Who says you can’t be creative and organized at the same time?  With my range of coloring calendars, you can add a creative touch to your planning, and ditch that boring, plain calendar on your wall for something fun that you've hand-colored. Because I'm feeling generous this year, I'm giving away all 12 months in my free 2019 calendar. But before you grab

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25 Color Palettes Inspired by Beautiful Food

These 25 color palettes have been inspired by the beautiful food photography from Rachel Korinek at Two Loves Studio. Rachel’s work has been featured in a range of magazines and publications all over the world including Bride Magazine, Woolworths, Huffington Post, West Elm, Nourish Magazine, Robert Gordon, Decor8, Aldi and more. You can read more about her photography and training resources for food photographers

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Copic Marker Secrets that Self-Taught Colorers Never Hear | Guest Post by Amy Shulke

This article is a guest blog post by Amy Shulke from Vanilla Arts. When I first came across Amy’s website about a year ago, her Copic Marker tutorials gave me more useful tips than I could find anywhere else. When it comes to learning how to use Copic Markers, Amy is a great teacher. I love her style and was so excited when

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How to Promote Your Art on Instagram: An Interview with Steve “Squidoodle” Turner

If you're like me and you love coloring, or if you're into steampunk art, tattoos or just beards, then you'll love to meet today's guest, Steve Turner (A.K.A. Squidoodle).  I have had the pleasure of thoroughly picking Steve's brain about his creativity and how he draws on his passion to run a successful illustration business. I first discovered Steve a few years ago

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25 Summer Color Palettes

Summer is a time of warm days, social gatherings and vibrant scenery. These 25 summer color palettes are inspired by the fresh and vibrant colors of summer. Ranging from beach scenes to summer fruits, I hope you find a color palette to inspire you! If you're looking for RGB, CMYK and HEX codes, please check out my PDF color guide, which includes all

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