The Ultimate List of (Legit) Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Do you love adult coloring books? Or free coloring pages? It doesn't take long to find "free" adult coloring pages on the internet - however, so many of them are from unreliable sources who have stolen them (knowingly or unknowingly) from the original artists. Google Images and Pinterest are full of copies of pages from books that were never intended to be given out

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Podcast: How to Quadruple Your Website Traffic With Pinterest

I had the amazing privilege to speak with Tracy Harris on the Mums With Hustle podcast about my experiences with Pinterest and how I used it to quadruple my website traffic in two months. Pinterest has been a big part of my marketing strategy, with many of my blog posts reaching tens of thousands of shares in just a few months. I've shared

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Free Christmas Card | Printable Template

It's almost Christmas... and I love hand-made Christmas gifts and cards. There's something special about spending the time to make something instead of just buying a card from a shop. That's why I created my huge set of printable Christmas cards that you can color in - and today, I'm giving you one of my favorites as a free Christmas card to download

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How to Create a Blog Editorial Calendar with Trello

Trello has become my go-to tool for planning my business, my week, and my whole life. I have always been a paper-and-pen person, and so I've tried a number of online planning and calendar tools and have never been able to stick to one until I stumbled across Trello. It's a free program, and I'm totally in love with it now! I use

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How to Make a Christmas Cracker | Free Template and Tutorial

Here in Australia, Christmas crackers (AKA bon-bons) are a huge part of our Christmas celebrations. They make an appearance on the table at almost every Christmas dinner we attend, ready to be ripped apart, so the "winner" can wear their paper crown prize with pride. The jokes are always terrible, the gifts are usually ridiculously small and cheap, but they are much loved

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How to Make a Christmas Gift Box

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to color and make these adorable Christmas paper gift boxes using my printable templates. These DIY Christmas gift boxes are a great way to personalize your Christmas gifts for family and friends. You can print them multiple times and experiment with different color combinations to create an endless amount of different boxes. There

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29 Creative Ways to Repurpose Coloring Pages

If you're an adult coloring book fan, you'll agree there's never a problem in finding more things to color, however there's often the problem of knowing what to do after you've finished coloring in. There are only so many walls to hang framed coloring pages, and it's a shame to just leave them all in a box or folder. So what else can

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How to Create a Galaxy Background With Colored Pencils | Prismacolor Tutorial by Cristin April Frey

I've always been super impressed at people who can draw galaxies or starry nights with paints or pencils. So when I saw that Cristin April Frey had released a video tutorial on how to create a galaxy background with colored pencils, I contacted her straight away to let me share her amazing coloring page tutorial with you! If you missed Cristin's last guest post,

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Free Printable Coloring Journal Pages

Bullet journaling has become a BIG deal in the planner world. But it's not for everyone. Some people prefer to write essays in their diary at the end of the day. Other people keep their words simple and love to draw on a blank canvas. This free printable journal page works for any journaling style. It comes with 4 different formats - a

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