Frequently Asked Questions


How do I open PDF files?2017-02-10T23:13:42+11:00

All of my products are supplied as PDF files which are ready for you to print. Most people already have a program on their computer which opens PDF files, but if you don’t you can download Adobe Reader from this website for free.

Can you modify your products for me?2017-02-10T22:49:07+11:00

Most people who request customized products or changes are those who are using it for a business, event or conference. Changes to existing products, or even new products can be made, however they come at an additional cost which is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to send me an email so that I can find out more about what you want to do and what I can do for you.

If you are an individual wanting a personalized coloring page for yourself or someone you know, there are a range of customizable products available on my store.


I’m not getting your order confirmation emails2017-05-23T07:16:16+10:00

If you are not getting emails from me, then they are most likely going into your spam folder. The best thing to do is add my email address (hello at sarahrenaeclark.com – replace at with @) to your ’email whitelist’ which means that your email account will exclude me from going to your spam folder.

Click here to read more about how to do this. 

I’m not a fan of digital coloring books – can I get a printed one?2017-02-21T05:18:33+11:00

Yes you can! All of my coloring books are also available on Amazon. You can either head straight over to my Amazon page, or you can look at my range of books here before heading over to make your purchase.

All of my coloring books are printed on single-sided paper stock and if you use my Amazon Affiliate link, you can get free shipping on over 50 million products for 30 days!

Can I have a free coloring book?2017-02-21T05:07:35+11:00

Sure! Why not? All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and I will send you one straight away 🙂

What payment options are available when purchasing from your website?2017-02-20T04:49:04+11:00

We use PayPal for all of our paid products. Using PayPal’s secure online portal, you utilize a range of payment methods including credit and debit cards, your PayPal balance and more. You don’t need a PayPal account to checkout either. Unfortunately, we do not offer any forms or credit or ‘get the products now and pay for them later’ arrangements.

For all of our free items, no payment details are required/requested.

I’ve forgotten my password!2017-02-10T22:53:07+11:00

No problems! Just head over to the lost password page, enter your username or email and we will send you a new one.

Better yet, if you are logged into Facebook on your computer, then you can sign in by clicking the ‘sign in with Facebook’ button.

Why do I have to use the checkout for free items?2017-02-10T22:40:09+11:00

Good question!

We have found that using the checkout system means for both free and paid items makes the overall experience on our website much less confusing because everything is in the one place, with the only difference being that we will not request any payment details for free items. It also allows us to see which products are downloaded the most, helping us to create more of what you like and less of what you don’t. 🙂

How do coupon codes work?2017-02-08T05:43:48+11:00

Coupon codes are given out from time to time to members of my mailing list and to winners of various competitions on my website. 

  • After adding the relevant product to your cart, go to your cart.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it asks you for your promotional code and enter it in.
  • Click ‘Apply Coupon’ and the value of the product the coupon applies to (or the amount if it is for any product) will be deducted from your cart total.

If you have additional products for which the coupon does not apply to then the cost of these items will still be payable upon checkout. 

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