The Color Catalog Volume 2 - 250 color palettes

Endless color inspiration in your hands.

Look inside The Color Catalog - color palette ebook

Choosing the right colors can be hard.

But it doesn't have to be. Imagine a world of color in your pocket. The ability to find the perfect color combo for any project. That's what I've created for you with The Color Catalog.

The Color Catalog is unlike anything you've seen before. It's a fully interactive guide that has been crafted to extend your creativity and help you find the perfect color in any situation.

Store the PDF on your mobile or tablet to find a color combination by color, keyword or collection in just a few taps. Or use the printable version to test out your own pencils or markers against each palette.

You'll never be stuck for colors again.

With The Color Catalog, you can...

Browse by color

Browse by keyword

Browse by collection

and access the RGB, CMYK & Hex codes for every color palette.

Over 150 positive reviews! See what others are saying...

250 Color Palettes – The Color Catalog
The Color Catalog – A world of color in your pocket
Interactive Color Guide – The Color Catalog

"This is a real must for anyone who’s a crafter or artist."

"As no matter what mediums you like to use, this system make the most time consuming part of any project less stressful as you can simply just choose a colour palette grab the matching pens/medium and get on with the fun part of colouring."

- Shaza585

“It’s a fantastic resource… It has really taken me out of my comfort zone and shown me that you don’t always have to stick to what you know to get good results.”

- Claire Eadie (Colour With Claire)

Claire Eadie

Colour With Claire

"The Color Catalog is one of the best compilations of color charts I've come across..."

"... and its uses go way beyond coloring. It is a good reference for painters, beaders and jewelry makers, fiber artists, paper crafters, mixed media artists and much much more!" - Pamela C

Definitely a must have for a serious colourist or crafter.

A very comprehensive reference guide for choosing colours. You can print it all out or just one page at a time, or save it on your device. I love the pictures with the colour palettes, I will be using this as my go to colour picker every time. Definitely a must have for a serious Colourist or Crafter.

- Lesley M.

​“I can’t express how much this book will help relieve the time and frustration of choosing color combinations for my pencil and paint art. Thank you so much for simplifying color combos without my spending hours on the internet.. A treasure this resource is!”

​– Paulette C

This is an amazing catalog. The amount of work Sarah must’ve put into this is mind-boggling. I just got it yesterday and I have already used it three times in projects I am doing. This is absolutely worth every penny. I am so happy to have a tool like this at my fingertips!!!!

- Deborah L

Only just bought the Colour Catalogue and thought I’d sit and browse through it for ten minutes but it turned into hours of inspiration and colour creativity, I can’t see how I’m not going to use it every time I want to colour. It’s fantastic. X

Vivienne C. 

What an amazing Catalogue, well thought out & put together. I never imagined there could be so many combinations; it really staggers my imagination how I could have been without it. I found out about the Colour Catalogue by accident and am so happy I bought it. 

- Mervette

This is an extremely helpful tool for finding good color combinations for many different purposes, not only coloring, but also quilting, interior design or web pages. It’s interactive and really very easy to use. It will help me a lot.

- Kerstin

I’d never go back to those palette websites… this is just so much more convenient!

Baylee Jae

​“Just received the Color Catalog so haven’t used it a great deal yet. However, it seems to cover every color combination you could ever imagine. Looking forward to using it with my acrylic pourings.”

- Sharlene

Finding color inspiration for my lettering designs has never been easier...I used to spend hours scrolling Pinterest and other sites for color combinations. Now I just open the Color Catalog from my phone, iPad, or computer and find one quickly and effortlessly.

- Cristin AF (

Cristin AF

​“After hearing everything we can do, I was hooked to have this book. This helps me choose colors efficiently, test them, and find combinations that works the best.”

- ​Ana

"Absolutely love this Color Catalog!! A perfect tool for anyone in the art world!! Thank you!" - Vanessa B

"As a self-taught graphic designer, this resource makes up for a huge gap in my experience. Thank you!" - Bryan

"Such a fantastic idea, and easy to use, a great tool for the avid colorist that can never decide on a colour scheme!" - Kerri

I have colored for 5 years now and I have never used a color palette before. When I saw this one I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. It is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful tool to have. I can’t imagine how much time and work it took to assemble this catalog, but I am so thankful for all that work. I will be using the catalog on my phone, computer and tablet for a long time. 

- Carlene Anderson 

​“I am so impressed with this color guidebook! Super organized, clean, clear and informative. Must have taken a long time to assemble. I’m a new web designer and struggle with color themes so this will save me TONS of time! Thank you for putting this together!!”

- Patrice

​“I think your book is absolutely fantastic! It’s giving me the confidence to choose and mix my own colours instead of using a tutorial in my adult colouring books. Well done. Would recommend”

Anne W​

"Fabulous, a real time saver."

"...I have edited similar collections of images in pdf files and know how much work went in to this. Thank you for doing that work. For me, the biggest time in coloring is spent deciding WHICH shade/tone of WHAT color to use next. This collection will speed that up. I put my file on my iPad in iBooks and it works like a charm. Thank you!" 

- Janet L