Color The Alphabet

Color the Alphabet is an A-Z Coloring Book for grown-ups that includes all 26 letters of the alphabet in detailed coloring pages.

It contains 40 pages of unique artwork:

  • 26 full size coloring pages, each containing a single letter from A-Z
  • 26 half size designs over 13 coloring pages. Each page includes 2 designs with a letter each from A-Z. All but a few designs are different to the full size designs.
  • 1 bonus coloring page with a mix of letters hidden in the design.

The pages are all single sided and are framed within a border, so it’s easy to cut out an individual coloring page for framing or cardmaking as a gift without ruining the other designs in the book.

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Amazon Customer

This another great offering by the very talented Sarah Renae Clark. The letters are all made of fun abstracts and are very well drawn, as well as every one being very different from each other. The pages are all single sided and there are two sizes of each of the letter to color, giving you many different combination opportunities. Each page has it’s own border, making it easy for you to remove the page from the book without damaging the picture.

All of Sarah’s work is very professional, unique and fun to color and her books always have her own original artwork. You will never find any stock pictures in her books! I would highly recommend any of her books, several of which are very inspiring with different topics and themes.