Coloring Through Cancer

Coloring Through Cancer is an inspirational adult coloring book featuring 30 unique adult coloring pages, designed specifically for people who have lived with or are living with cancer. Each coloring page includes a positive affirmation to encourage and uplift every colorist.

Many cancer patients are already turning to adult coloring books to relax, relieve stress and get through treatment. Coloring Through Cancer takes adult coloring one step further for cancer patients by introducing powerful positive affirmations to each page.

Click here to view a list of the positive affirmations contained in Coloring Through Cancer.

Anyone who has been through cancer, is going through cancer or who knows someone who has been affected by cancer will love this adult coloring book.

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“We ordered 150 of Coloring Through Cancer Adult Coloring books for our event at Houston Methodist West Hospital. The first week in June is National Cancer Survivors Day. Each Survivor received this book with some colored pencils. Our theme this year was Healing through Art. The illustrations in this book were perfect for our event. We saw many people starting to color.

There are many inspirational sayings too. It is a great gift for anyone going through Cancer or anyone who has a family member going through Cancer.”

-Melissa Karren, Houston Methodist West Hospital


“This is a very awesome and inspirational coloring book. I love all the pages. There are some things that are small to color but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I just love the affirmations on each coloring page. As someone who has terminal Cancer, these are very important to me. It made me feel so much better just by looking at it and even better when I started coloring. I’m in love with this book and I most definitely recommend it to Cancer patients, survivors or their families and just everyone. Thank you Sarah Renae for your hard work and dedication on this coloring book.”

-Debby McNichols, Amazon customer


This is a very inspirational book. I colored some of the pages then bought 10 more books to donate to my local cancer hospital. It’s great encouragement and affirmations.

-Linda Franklin, Amazon customer


The quality of the drawings is very good., The affirmation, although aimed at people who are or have had, or care about someone that has battled cancer, are perfect reminders for everyone. I will probably be back to repurchase for a friend. Sarah Clark is a very talented artist. I would recommend this book to everyone!

-Sally, Amazon customer


As a 9 year breast cancer survivor, I think think this coloring book is terrifically inspirational! The artwork is awesome & really lifts the spirits.Bunnye, Amazon customer

-Bunnye, Amazon customer