Ultimate Art Therapy

Ultimate Art Therapy is a coloring book for adults containing 60 intricate hand drawn black and white illustrations for you to color. Being a new mom with a busy family, this coloring book was inspired by a desire to relax and escape the everyday chaos of life through creativity.

This book is a combination of all three parts of the ‘Art Therapy’ coloring book series. After the popularity of volume 1 and the overwhelming feedback it received, volume 2 and 3 is a culmination of new, original artwork linked with the enhancements customers asked for, with thinner lines and enhanced detail.

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Cindy Nation

A beautiful package of Sarah Renae Clark’s beautiful artwork! If you love to colour patterns, you will be in your element with these books. I highly recommend them!



Just got this book and absolutely love it! The pages are very detailed and have kept me busy for ages. Definitely recommend it!



Very nice collection of coloring designs. Enjoying them already.