5 Ways to Hide Pinterest Images in Your Blog Posts

If you’ve been using Pinterest to grow your website traffic, you’ve probably noticed that the best-performing Pins are images that are tall. Things like vertical title images, infographics or step-by-step photos get more repins on Pinterest than their horizontal equivalents. (if this is news to you, check out my other article on creating great Pins) Unfortunately, these 'pinnable' images can also present a

29 Creative Ways to Repurpose Coloring Pages

If you're an adult coloring book fan, you'll agree there's never a problem in finding more things to color, however there's often the problem of knowing what to do after you've finished coloring in. There are only so many walls to hang framed coloring pages, and it's a shame to just leave them all in a box or folder. So what else can

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How to Color Skin Tones | Part Two: Skin Coloring Techniques with Pencils

This is Part Two of my three-part series on How to Color Skin Tones. In Part One, I covered my top 5 tips for coloring skin. In this post, I’ll show you the first 5 videos on skin coloring techniques with colored pencils. I’ve included my favorite tips from each video, the difficulty level and a list of the tools they have used

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Win the ultimate pencil storage for coloring addicts

I love seeing some of the amazing craft and coloring storage systems people have. I don't have a permanent art space, so my collection isn't anything special... in fact, most of my work happens at the kitchen table! But I still love looking at the amazing art spaces that other people have, planning to one day have my own special art space set

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Win a set of Prismacolor Premier Pencils!

Prismacolor Premier pencils have been on my wishlist ever since I first heard about them. These are the most popular colored pencils on the market and I know quite a few die-hard fans! Unfortunately, they haven't quite made it into my own collection yet (they are quite pricey in Australia) but I'd love to offer you the opportunity to add them to yours with my

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Free printable Valentine’s Day coloring bookmarks

As I was reading a book the other day, I found an old piece of paper with a to-do list from 10 years ago inside. After contemplating the fact that I had obviously started reading this book before, I realised that I am in a terrible habit of using all kinds of to-do-lists, old envelopes, scrap pieces of paper and even photos as bookmarks!

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12 Days of Coloring Giveaways 2016

Enter for your chance to win a new prize every day during the 12 Days of Coloring Giveaways! Click the link below and and answer the question to be in the running for all 12 prizes, including my grand prize – a $50 voucher! A new winner will be chosen at approx 10pm (EST) each day from December 1st to 12th. Scroll down

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Freebie Friday – Venice, Italy

For today's Freebie Friday, I wanted to do something a little different to my other pages, so we're going grayscale! I wanted to pick one of my own photos for this... and so I've chosen this photo of Venice, Italy - which is one of my favorite places in the world! You can get the free page HERE - but before you do, read

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Behind the scenes – illustration time lapse

Have  you ever wondered how an artist turns a simple sketch into a piece of art? There are a tonne of different methods for drawing. Some artists draw everything by hand and then trace it in, others create everything directly on the computer. I've always worked somewhere in between, and I don't really have one specific way that I draw. Sometimes I go freehand,

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