Looking for something else? Here you’ll find my How To Draw books, printable color reference charts and other digital products.

  • Free Color Combination Chart

    You can use this free printable color chart to test your color combinations, practice blending and improve your coloring skills. There are 8 identical flowers on the page to color, each with a chart to record up to 5 colors used. The colored examples pictured have been created using the techniques in my video tutorial coming soon!
  • Color Comparison Wheel

    Use this color comparison wheel to test out your pencils or markers and practice shading. You can print of as many copies as you need, so you can use a separate page for each set of pencils you own, or you can use the boxes to test out different color combinations. You can print a copy onto the same paper as your coloring pages to see how your pencils will react to the paper stock.
  • Free Gem Practice Sheet

    Practice coloring gemstones and test out different color combinations with this free printable gem practice sheet. If you'd like to learn how to color gems, please check out my tutorial on the blog.
  • Teach your kids to draw cartoon faces with all kinds of happy, funny, sad and angry expressions. This convenient printable how-to-draw workbook provides examples of many different face shapes, eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and expressions, so you can mix and match and create something unique. The last pages include some partially completed faces for your kids to finish off and build their skills, plus a blank page for them to practice their own faces from scratch. This workbook comes as a 10 page PDF file, 8.5" x 11" (standard US letter) so it will print on most printers.
  • Coloring Bookmarks | Set of 4

    $1 inc. GST
    So, you have enough coloring books... just kidding, of course not! For all the coloring lovers out there, these bookmarks are inspired by the funny Confessions of a Coloring Addict coloring book. (Check it out here) It includes 4 different designs that you can color over and over, so you can save time flipping back and forth trying to find your coloring page in your book, and more time coloring! To make them extra durable, print them on 200 GSM cardstock, or laminate them after coloring. These also make a great gift for your book-loving friends or teachers!
  • These printable place cards are perfect for a coloring party or event. Use them in your classroom as name plates for each child's desk, or as guest place cards for a fun coloring book themed party. Printable PDF format - 10 designs included. Endless coloring possibilities. This page is designed to print on a standard US Letter paper, and folds in 3 like a tent. You can also use your "scale to print" function to resize them if you want a smaller place card.
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