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  • Free Printable Coloring Calendar with BONUS tutorial on how to create shadows with colored pencils | For more free printables and coloring pages, visit
    Print and color this January 2017 printable calendar to start planning for the new year! You can purchase the full 12 months for just $3.95 HERE.
    Please note: Picture is for design reference only. Dates are accurate on final calendar
  • Use this color comparison wheel to test out your pencils or markers and practice shading. You can print of as many copies as you need, so you can use a separate page for each set of pencils you own, or you can use the boxes to test out different color combinations. You can print a copy onto the same paper as your coloring pages to see how your pencils will react to the paper stock.
  • One tree... many uses! Here are some ideas to make this simple coloring page more interesting, and even practical!
    • Write out your goals/dreams in each circle and color them as you achieve them.
    • Turn it into a family tree
    • Use it as a color comparison wheel or blending practice chart
    • Use each circle as a to-do list item
    • Practice your own doodling patterns in each of the sections of the tree
    • Use it as a countdown / advent calendar (each circle is a day)
    • Or just color it in and make it pretty :)
  • Printable 2017 Coloring Calendar from
    Print and color this 2017 printable monthly calendar to start planning for the new year! Each month is on a separate page with a task and goals list on the side. Each page includes a different patterned background for you to color in. Please note: Picture is for design reference only. Dates are correct on actual product
  • Printable week planner – 10 different designs | Find more printables and coloring pages at | coloring for adults, organizational printables, bullet journaling, get organized, printable planners, week planning, organize everything, organized life, home management, home binder organization, printable organizer, family charts, family command center, week tracker
    This pack of 10 week planners will help you to get organized and plan for the week ahead. There are 10 pages, each with the same layout but with a different background design, so you can mix and match and choose a different page each week. These printables are designed to fit on a standard 8.5 x 11" page, but you can also use your "scale to print" function to resize them to any size you would like (they have been printed half size in the example photo) You can use these week planner templates to track your to-do task, events, schedule, chores, goals, habits or anything else that will help you to get organized. There are no dates or years, so you can use these as many times as you like.
  • Printable Advent Calendar
    Color every day until Christmas with this fun printable Advent Calendar! This printable coloring Advent Calendar is a great sugar-free countdown alternative! Print one for each of your kids or get it upsized to a poster to color with the whole family. Color one ornament each day. It’s the perfect Christmas holiday coloring activity for all ages and skill levels. This calendar is included in my HUGE Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack - You can check it out HERE.
  • Cute printable stationery for Easter - write a letter to the Easter bunny, or keep track of important shopping lists! Find more Easter printables, craft templates and coloring pages at
      These three Easter letterheads are perfect for staying organized this Easter. Keep a list of the people you want to buy eggs for, use it as an Easter egg treasure hunt checklist, write a letter to the Easter bunny or write a letter to a friend! Each black and white design is 8.5 x 11" but can be scaled to print any size. This product is included in my Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check out the whole pack here.
  • Printable Christmas Stationary
    Color your own Christmas stationary with these fun holiday templates! Send a Christmas letter to a friend, write a letter to Santa with your kids or make your own gift wish list on these coloring Christmas letterheads. This coloring pack includes: 1. "Dear Santa" Letter to Santa template with a patterned background 2. "My Wish List" Christmas or Birthday Gift Wish List template with gifts in the background 3. "Merry Christmas" general letterhead template for any letters to friends, family, Santa, teachers, etc - with Christmas tree design in the background It’s the perfect Christmas holiday coloring activity for all ages and skill levels. These letters are included in my HUGE Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack - You can check it out HERE.
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