How to make a Christmas Ornament (includes free template)

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your own paper Christmas Ornaments using the free DIY Christmas Ornament Template that you can download HERE. I’ve included a full video plus step-by-step photo instructions below.  

These 10 simple techniques will turn your coloring page into a masterpiece

Want to make your coloring pages pop? I've gathered 10 useful videos below with tips and tricks including blending, highlights, layering and other techniques that you'll want to try straight away! These 10 surprisingly simple techniques will help improve your

By | 2017-02-19T23:52:44+00:00 October 26th, 2016|Coloring Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

7 artists giving away free coloring pages for Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it's the perfect time to get out your pencils and color for someone you know who has been through or is going through cancer. I've gathered a list of artists who are offering

By | 2016-12-22T02:30:00+00:00 October 19th, 2016|Coloring News, Free Coloring Pages|0 Comments
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