Lately I’ve spent a lot of time making some of my regular-sized coloring books into pocket-sized coloring books. I was surprised to see how interested people were in having something small they can carry around with them and color at any time.

But the other day I wanted to try something different. I thought, instead of making something smaller, what if I go the other way and make it bigger?

So I decided to make a HUGE coloring poster. This is something you can do with almost any digital coloring page… the best part is that it is cheap and easy to do. How to make a huge coloring poster

The process is easier than you’d think.

Firstly, choose your coloring page. In my example, it seemed appropriate to choose one of my coloring pages which had the word big in it, so I went for my ‘Dream Big’ mechanical coloring page. (If you’re looking for pages, check out my Free and Under $1 range)

Head online to your local print shop website. If you’re in the U.S. you can get these printed at Staples from anywhere between $2 and $10 (depending on the size). In Australia, we use Officeworks, where you can get them made for a similar price and as you can see below, they look fantastic!

On your website, you need to find the “Engineering Prints” or “Plan Prints” category in the print shop.

On go to Copies & Documents > Engineering Prints

On go to Services > Print & Copy > Posters & Plans > Plan Prints

Choose your size – I chose to go for A0 (841mm x 1189mm) which was the biggest option from Officeworks.

Upload your file, place your order and wait for the mail!

How to make a huge coloring poster

Giant coloring pages are great for classroom activities and birthday parties for your kids, but also for something new and exciting for yourself. You can create stunning pieces of wall art or give them away as gifts! You could even create a giant coloring page to use as a guestbook for your next event!

How to make a huge coloring poster

Connie took it a step further and ordered a custom coloring page from my store, then turned it into a poster for her classroom (above). The kids loved it! Thanks Connie for sharing 🙂

If you’ve made your own, tell me in the comments!




How to make a huge coloring poster