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Free & $1 - Sarah Renae Clark - Coloring Book Artist and Designer

Free adult coloring pages? Yes please!

These coloring pages and printables are all free or $1 – giving you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ or snap up a bargain.

  • Motivate yourself or a friend to Dream Big with this intricate A4 Steampunk "Dream Big" Adult Coloring Page. This steampunk style coloring page is a great additional to your adult coloring book collection. It's a good intermediate to advanced level coloring page for men, women and kids who enjoy coloring. Each letter in the words "Dream Big" has been hand-drawn in a steampunk mechanical style and then digitally scanned.
  • "My baby loves me" When you need this reminder, combine the therapeutic art of coloring with the power of positive thinking with this affirmation coloring page! This printable coloring page is a sample from my book "A Year of Coloring Affirmations for New Mothers". The book includes 52 coloring pages of positive affirmations, and many are not just for moms! It includes quotes like "It's OK to as for help, I am not alone", "Every day gets a little bit easier", "I have so much to be grateful for", "I am strong enough to fight my insecurities", "I know that everything is going to be OK", This too shall pass", and so many more. So even if you're not a new mother, why stop at one page? You can download and print the whole Coloring Book "A Year of Affirmations for New Mothers" with 52 coloring pages for only $5.95! Get it HERE.
  • Who can say no to these cute bunnies?   This adorable coloring page is perfect for a family Easter coloring activity! This page is included in my Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check it out here.
  • Remember the reason behind Easter with this Jesus coloring page. This page is an abstract design so you can get creative with your colored interpretation of this design. This page is included in my Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check it out here.
  • Color and make these Father's Day gift tags to add to a special gift for your dad. These printable Father's Day gift tags are super easy to make and there are 8 different black and white designs to choose from, with a variety of different shapes and styles. If you're looking for a gift for dad too, find more Father’s Day printables and coloring pages in my shop.
  • This free 2021 January Planner is a sample of the 2021 Coloring Planner Printable Version This sample includes the January 2021 monthly calendar, monthly dashboard, goal tracker, weekly vertical planner pages, monthly memories, monthly reflection, notes page and coloring page! The full 2021 Coloring Planner comes in 3 formats: The Printed Planner: (LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE) Beautifully spiral-bound 9x11" planner with a gold foil cover, monthly tabs and premium paper, delivered to your doorstep. The Printable Planner: Print it yourself to add extra pages and fit your own binder, or color in your own cover and get it bound at your local print shop! The Digital Planner: Looks just like a real planner, but on your iPad or tablet! With a 2-page layout and interactive tabs to digitally plan in your favorite note-taking app. Stickers are also available when you purchase, or individually here.
  • Lion – Adult Coloring Page

    This tribal-style lion coloring page is a great additional to your adult coloring book collection for anyone who loves jungle or safari coloring pages, tribal or tattoo designs, or lions. It's a good intermediate  level coloring page for men, women and kids who enjoy coloring.
  • Here's a free coloring page to appeal to the steampunk lovers and pattern crazy fans out there. This coloring page is from Pattern Crazy: Mechanical Mayhem Pattern Crazy: Mechanical Mayhem is the perfect adult coloring book for anyone who loves robots, steampunk, machines, technology, science fiction or patterns. There are 45 different pages included, so download the whole book here or check it out on Amazon.
  • Isaiah 43:2a Bible Coloring Page

    You'll love this beautifully illustrated Bible Verse adult coloring page. It includes an encouraging Scripture from Isaiah 43:2a: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you." This page comes from my Words of Strength adult coloring book. You can check out the whole book here. If you'd like to watch me color this page, please check out my blog post and video tutorial on using a white pen to create highlights on your coloring pages.  
  • One tree... many uses! Here are some ideas to make this simple coloring page more interesting, and even practical!
    • Write out your goals/dreams in each circle and color them as you achieve them.
    • Turn it into a family tree
    • Use it as a color comparison wheel or blending practice chart
    • Use each circle as a to-do list item
    • Practice your own doodling patterns in each of the sections of the tree
    • Use it as a countdown / advent calendar (each circle is a day)
    • Or just color it in and make it pretty :)
  • Download this free sample page from my Color the Alphabet Adult Coloring Book. Color the Alphabet is an A-Z Coloring Book for grown-ups that includes all 26 letters of the alphabet in detailed coloring pages.   Each page includes a letter with an intricate pattern on the inside and a thick white border, mounted on a background that includes a similar intricate pattern. The patterns have been hand drawn and then digitally manipulated to create a detailed kaleidoscope effect, with additional hidden letters inside each design. The back of the book includes a second design of each letter page, but half the size, so you can cut them out to use for cardmaking or scrapbooking. The pages are all single sided and are framed within a border, so it’s easy to cut out an individual coloring page for framing as a gift without ruining the other designs in the book. Check out the full book HERE.
  • Be a Pineapple | Free Coloring Page

    The pineapple doesn't care what others think about its prickly appearance or messy hair. Do you see a pineapple spending time doing its makeup in the morning? No, don't be silly. The pineapple is bold - tough on the outside, sweet on the inside. It's not afraid to cause controversy when it comes to pizza toppings. It stands tall. It's the fruit of kings and the king of fruits. Enbrace the pineapple, be the pineapple, color the pineapple.
  • Free DIY Easter Gift Bag Template

    Color and make this free DIY Easter gift bag! Add to cart and checkout to receive this PDF printable template, then check out my video tutorial and step by step instructions to make your own cute mini bag for Easter! This bag is a sample from my huge Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check it out here.
  • To celebrate the upcoming release of my new book Coloring Through Cancer, please enjoy this free coloring page that you can color. The section at the bottom says "I am coloring for" - you can write the name of a person, charity or cancer in this box. Coloring through Cancer will be available in the first week of July 2016 on Amazon and at Anyone who has been through cancer, is going through cancer or who knows someone who has been affected by cancer needs to have this book! So please spread the word and invite your friends to my launch event.  
  • Psalm 28 Free Coloring Page

    This is a free sample coloring page from the Words of Strength Scripture Coloring Book for Adults. You can get the whole book on Amazon or as a printable download. Find out more HERE.
  • 3D Stars – Free Adult Coloring Page

    Everyone loves free coloring pages! So please enjoy this one from my collection. This free coloring page is made up of digitally drawn stars. If you like it, please use the links below to share with your friends!
  • Free Abstract Floral Coloring Page

    Enjoy this free abstract floral patterned coloring page! Please use the social links to share with your friends.
  • Free Quarantine Boredom Buster Bundle

    Isolation can be hard. Isolation with kids can be even harder. That's why I've teamed up with Cristin ( and Menucha ( to bring you this amazing collection of resources, ALL FOR FREE. We’ve brought this all together to help you reduce your stress, find ways to have fun, and to remind you to have a little laugh during this challenging season. Here's what's included: Just for Fun – ‘ I survived the TP Crisis’ stickers – by Sarah Renae Clark – Quarantine postcards – by Sarah Renae Clark Activities for the Kids – ‘What Can I Draw Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – ‘What Can I Build Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – Things to Do at Home With Kids – by Moms and Crafters – Goldilox Printable Puppets – by Moms and Crafters – Hand Washing Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark Coloring Pages for Adults – Encouraging Coloring Pages for Adults (x4) – by Sarah Renae Clark – 50 Nifty Geometric Coloring Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Coloring Pages (x9) – by Sarah Renae Clark – Coffee Coloring Pages (x2) – by Moms and Crafters – Mandala Mix (12 Coloring Pages) – by Cristin April Frey – Motherhood Coloring Pages – by Moms and Crafters Get Organized – Spring Cleaning Checklist – by Moms and Crafters – 25 Places to Declutter and Clean (for Kids) – by Moms and Crafters Creative Writing – Brush Lettering Practice Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Journal Pages – by Sarah Renae Clark
  • Say Happy Father's Day with this intricate mechanical adult coloring page you can download for free! The steampunk / robotic / mechanical / science fiction style is a great coloring page to get your Dad, husband or children interested in coloring. The lines are bold so it's easy to color, but the details are intricate to produce an amazing result. Why not spoil your Dad for Father's Day by printing the JPEG version on a card so you can color it in and create him a fully personalized card... or better yet, let him color it in for himself! You can also get a customized version of this coloring page here. Or check out my HUGE Father's Day mechanical style gift pack to get this page as a foldable card, plus a heap of other pages perfect for Dad!
  • This is a free sample coloring page from the Confessions of a Coloring Addict Coloring Book for Adults. You can get the whole book on Amazon or as a printable download. Find out more and see what's inside here.
  • Free DIY Paper Gift Bag Template

    Color and make a cute DIY Valentine's Day paper gift bag with this free template! These DIY paper gift bags are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, fold, glue and fill with a special gift! You can check out my video tutorial HERE. You can also get my pack of 8 different paper gift bag designs HERE.
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