• Coloring Bookmarks | Set of 4

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    So, you have enough coloring books... just kidding, of course not! For all the coloring lovers out there, these bookmarks are inspired by the funny Confessions of a Coloring Addict coloring book. (Check it out here) It includes 4 different designs that you can color over and over, so you can save time flipping back and forth trying to find your coloring page in your book, and more time coloring! To make them extra durable, print them on 200 GSM cardstock, or laminate them after coloring. These also make a great gift for your book-loving friends or teachers!
  • Download this free sample page from my "Kaleidomania" Adult Coloring Book. Kaleidomania is a compilation of 60 beautiful kaleidoscopes like this one. Each design has been created from a hand-drawn sketch that has been digital manipulated to produce a beautiful, intricate and perfectly balanced kaleidoscope. You can find some of the other pages from "Kaleidomania" in my "Free and under $1" section of my store, or you can get the whole book (60 pages) as a printable download here. If you love it, you can also check out the published version of Kaleidomania on Amazon here.  
  • Free Thanksgiving Coloring Page

    Enjoy this free Thanksgiving coloring page. Use the space to write what you are thankful for. Please use the social links to share with your friends.
  • Free Coloring Journal Pages

    Looking to get into journaling? Of course you are! This is a free sample so you can do a bit of 'try before you buy'... All of my journaling pages come in 4 formats available for each design (sample includes 1 design):
    • a grid format because bullet journals are awesome
    • small lines for those long love letters or diary entries
    • big lines because small lines can feel cruel at times
    • and a blank version to get your creative juices flowing!
    Find the perfect fit for your preferred journaling style, whether you like to write, draw or use a bullet journal. Each page is designed to print on a standard US Letter paper, but you can also use your "scale to print" function to resize them to any size you would like to include them in your current planner.
  • Admit it... You're addicted! This printable coloring page is free to download. If you enjoy it, you'll also enjoy my book "Color Your World", which includes 20 more funny, inspirational, silly and motivation quotes for every coloring enthusiast. The quotes included in the book include: "You can't color too much", "So many pages, so little time", "Don't ever tell me to stop coloring", "Sleep. Eat. Color. Repeat.", "I'm a colorholics anonymous dropout", "Coloring addict at work","I promise I'm almost done!", and more! Add the "Color Your World" Coloring Book to your cart for only $2.95... Get it HERE. If you prefer a copy mailed to your door, it's also available on Amazon... and is currently on sale for $3.95!
  • This is a free sample from the "Ultimate Art Therapy" Adult Coloring Book. Ultimate Art Therapy is a compilation of 60 unique and intricate black and white adult coloring pages by Sarah Renae Clark. Each coloring page design has been created using a mix of hand drawn artwork and digital technology to bring you bold, exciting patterns to color. Check out the entire Art Therapy Range: On Amazon: Ultimate Art Therapy (60 pages) Pocket Art Therapy: Volume 1 (30 pages) Pocket Art Therapy: Volume 1 (30 pages) Digital Downloads: Art Therapy Volume 1 (20 pages) Art Therapy Volume 2 (20 pages) Art Therapy Volume 3 (20 pages) Ultimate Art Therapy Bundle (All 3 volumes)
  • Color Comparison Wheel

    Use this color comparison wheel to test out your pencils or markers and practice shading. You can print of as many copies as you need, so you can use a separate page for each set of pencils you own, or you can use the boxes to test out different color combinations. You can print a copy onto the same paper as your coloring pages to see how your pencils will react to the paper stock.
  • This is a free sample from the Coloring Christmas Family Coloring Book. Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. Coloring Christmas brings you 30 coloring pages to color with the whole family. Each of the designs have nice bold lines, with a mix of designs ranging from Christmas decorations suitable for beginners to full page intricate patterns to appeal to the more advanced colorists. It’s the perfect Christmas coloring activity for all ages and skill levels. Find out more about the book HERE or check out my huge Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack HERE.
  • Free Color Combination Chart

    You can use this free printable color chart to test your color combinations, practice blending and improve your coloring skills. There are 8 identical flowers on the page to color, each with a chart to record up to 5 colors used. The colored examples pictured have been created using the techniques in my video tutorial coming soon!
  • Free Christmas Coloring Card

    This printable Christmas coloring card is easy to make and fun to color in! The card template prints on a standard letter size page (8.5 x 11") and includes cut and fold lines. The final card folds to approximately 5 x 7" You can scale the print to fit A4 printers or to print smaller cards if you prefer. You can get the whole pack of 20 different Christmas cards HERE. All of the Christmas cards (and much more) are included in my HUGE Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack - You can check it out HERE.
  • Free Gem Practice Sheet

    Practice coloring gemstones and test out different color combinations with this free printable gem practice sheet. If you'd like to learn how to color gems, please check out my tutorial on the blog.
  • Free DIY Easter Egg Basket Template

    Color and make your own paper Easter egg basket with this free PDF printable template! Add to cart and checkout to receive this PDF printable template, then check out my video tutorial and step by step instructions to make your own Easter egg basket! This Easter basket is a sample from my huge Easter Coloring Activity Pack. You can check it out here.
  • Doodle Frame coloring page

    Please enjoy this free coloring page with intricate details and a place for you to add your own message or picture in the middle! Why not print out out and write your favorite quote, then frame it for your desk? Or give it as a gift? If you like it, please spare a minute to share with your friends using the social links below.
  • Free Christmas Ornament Template

    Color and make your own Christmas tree ornaments with this free template! These DIY Christmas ornaments are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, cut, fold, glue to make your 3D decorations to hang on your Christmas tree or sit as a centerpiece on your table for Christmas dinner! You can check out my video tutorial and step-by-step photo instructions HERE: These ornaments are included in my HUGE Coloring Christmas Printable Activity Pack – See what else is included HERE.
  • Flower Girl Coloring Page

    $1 inc. GST
    This flower girl coloring page is a great page to build your skin and hair coloring techniques and really create a beautiful piece of art. With intricate details and lots of lines to guide you, it's not as scary as it looks - start with some basic blocks of color and then work on some light shading as you go.
  • What are you grateful for? This page is included in the following products:
  • Say Happy Father's Day with this intricate mechanical adult coloring page you can download for free! The steampunk / robotic / mechanical / science fiction style is a great coloring page to get your Dad, husband or children interested in coloring. The lines are bold so it's easy to color, but the details are intricate to produce an amazing result. Why not spoil your Dad for Father's Day by printing the JPEG version on a card so you can color it in and create him a fully personalized card... or better yet, let him color it in for himself! You can also get a customized version of this coloring page here. Or check out my HUGE Father's Day mechanical style gift pack to get this page as a foldable card, plus a heap of other pages perfect for Dad!
  • This is a free sample coloring page from the Confessions of a Coloring Addict Coloring Book for Adults. You can get the whole book on Amazon or as a printable download. Find out more and see what's inside here.
  • Free DIY Paper Gift Bag Template

    Color and make a cute DIY Valentine's Day paper gift bag with this free template! These DIY paper gift bags are easy for anyone to make. Just print, color, fold, glue and fill with a special gift! You can check out my video tutorial HERE. You can also get my pack of 8 different paper gift bag designs HERE.
  • Free Quarantine Boredom Buster Bundle

    Isolation can be hard. Isolation with kids can be even harder. That's why I've teamed up with Cristin (cristinaprilfrey.com) and Menucha (momswithcrafters.com) to bring you this amazing collection of resources, ALL FOR FREE. We’ve brought this all together to help you reduce your stress, find ways to have fun, and to remind you to have a little laugh during this challenging season. Here's what's included: Just for Fun – ‘ I survived the TP Crisis’ stickers – by Sarah Renae Clark – Quarantine postcards – by Sarah Renae Clark Activities for the Kids – ‘What Can I Draw Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – ‘What Can I Build Today?’ Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark – Things to Do at Home With Kids – by Moms and Crafters – Goldilox Printable Puppets – by Moms and Crafters – Hand Washing Printable – by Sarah Renae Clark Coloring Pages for Adults – Encouraging Coloring Pages for Adults (x4) – by Sarah Renae Clark – 50 Nifty Geometric Coloring Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Coloring Pages (x9) – by Sarah Renae Clark – Coffee Coloring Pages (x2) – by Moms and Crafters – Mandala Mix (12 Coloring Pages) – by Cristin April Frey – Motherhood Coloring Pages – by Moms and Crafters Get Organized – Spring Cleaning Checklist – by Moms and Crafters – 25 Places to Declutter and Clean (for Kids) – by Moms and Crafters Creative Writing – Brush Lettering Practice Pages – by Cristin April Frey – Free Journal Pages – by Sarah Renae Clark
  • 3D Stars – Free Adult Coloring Page

    Everyone loves free coloring pages! So please enjoy this one from my collection. This free coloring page is made up of digitally drawn stars. If you like it, please use the links below to share with your friends!
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