Want to make your coloring pages pop?

I’ve gathered 10 useful videos below with tips and tricks including blending, highlights, layering and other techniques that you’ll want to try straight away!

These 10 surprisingly simple techniques will help improve your coloring and make you look like a pro!

1. Dry blending

In this video, Strathmore’s Artist Educator Sarah Becktel shares her tips for blending colored pencil pieces to make artwork look vibrant and finished.

2. Extreme blending

You’ll be amazed at the vibrant colors you can produce through simple blending with baby oil, watercolor or Vaseline.

3. Highlighter base layer

In this video, Jennifer shares her secret coloring technique to get more vivid and dynamic colors out of pencil crayons and gel pens.

4. Layer pencils with gel pens

This video shows you how to use gel pens to blend extra color and dimension into your colored pencil artwork. Fun, easy trick to make your coloring blend better.

5. Add white highlights

This tutorial from Sakura shows how to use their white Gelly Roll Pen to add interesting highlights to your artwork.

6. Work with watercolor

Coloring books don’t general handle watercolor well, but here are some ways to use watercolor in coloring books successfully. I love the beautiful coloring in this video!

7. Make your pages “watercolor safe”

As the perfect follow up to video 6, Jennifer shows us a “magic trick” she uses to prep her coloring book pages for watercolors – so you can paint with watercolor brushes, pencils and more.

8. More gel pen tricks

If you’re a fan of gel pens, this video from Cher is a must-watch to learn how to blend gel pens and colored pencils with a little water to produce a variety of effects.

9. Using light and choosing colors

This tutorial is long, but it’s got so much good information, including different ways to color with colored pencils and achieve easy lighting and shading effects.

10. Add some gold!

This last video isn’t as simple as the rest, but it was too great not to share. Education Specialist Colleen Schaan shares her favorite gold color combo and her own technique for for coloring gold with Copic Markers.

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10 techniques to turn your coloring page into a masterpiece;