I first started writing this blog post 3 weeks earlier, but I had to stop because my world was suddenly turned upside-down.

My mum wasn’t coping at home after an intensive few weeks of radiation to remove the cancerous tumors in her brain.

My husband, 3-year-old son and I have been living with my parents during the past year while we have been waiting for our new house to be built. As you may already know, my Mum has fought breast cancer for the past 13 years, and we’ve had many ups and downs through her journey.

At the time I began to write this post, mum was admitted back to the hospital and moved to the palliative care unit.

As a family, we spent almost every moment by her side for the week. She passed away on Friday 26th October, surrounded by her husband, daughters, and sons-in-law singing songs and praying over her.

And so this coloring page I wanted to share with you today has taken on an even bigger meaning now for me.

It’s a free coloring page to spread awareness for your favorite cause. In my case, I’ve colored it pink, which was Mum’s favorite color, but also the color for breast cancer awareness. You can download it here FREE (press ‘add to cart’ and checkout and it will be emailed to you)

Free cancer awareness ribbon coloring page

Get this free coloring page

For half my life, my Mum has battled breast cancer. At the time of her first diagnosis, she wasn’t given much advice on how to relax or cope on a day-to-day basis. Some days were overwhelming for her.

I had no idea how much stress and anxiety cancer would bring until I saw it first hand in my own family. Not just for Mum, but for all of us. I still remember back to when Mum was diagnosed in 2005 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. My sisters and I were still in school at the time, and we each experienced our share of hard days, depression and anxiety.

In 2016, I gave mom some coloring books to take with her to her treatment, and she loved them.

Many cancer patients are turning to adult coloring books to relax, relieve stress and get through treatment. When so many people were telling me that coloring helped them reduce their anxiety or escape their pain, I was surprised to find no coloring books made for cancer patients.

So when I started making coloring books in 2015, it made sense that I should make a coloring book specifically for people who were going through cancer.

And so in 2016, I created the coloring book Coloring Through Cancer. (See the full video walkthrough below)

Because this book is so special to me, I offer a free sample version to cancer centers and hospitals to print for their patients. It is also included in cancer gift boxes by Survivor Chest.

After Mum’s passing, this book has become even more special to me, and serves as a beautiful memory of her strength and positivity through her journey. She was so young at 55, and lived a full life filled with joy, hope and smiles, right up to the end.

As a tribute to Mum, I am donating all my income from Coloring Through Cancer book sales during the month of November 2018 to her favorite cancer charity, the McGrath Foundation.

For the printable version, this means 100% of the revenue from each copy sold (I’ll personally cover the fees and costs).

And from the published version on Amazon*, this means my full royalties (approx $1-4 per book, depending on sales location).

Coloring Through Cancer - Coloring book author, Sarah Renae Clark

Find out more about the coloring book

*Note: If you use my Amazon link above, I will collect a small referral fee (on top of royalties) for any purchases you make, at no cost to you.

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  2. Color the free awareness page and share your colored version on social media. (Please tag @sarahrenaeclark 😁)
  3. Tell your local hospital about the free sample coloring books they can get if they get in touch with me.
  4. Buy the coloring book for yourself, a friend or your local hospital. (All my proceeds will go to McGrath Foundation, Australia)
  5. Make your own donation to a cancer center or research organization near you!

I hope you enjoy coloring the free coloring page! If you missed the link earlier, you can download it here.

Get the free awareness coloring page