I had the amazing privilege to speak with Tracy Harris on the Mums With Hustle podcast about my experiences with Pinterest and how I used it to quadruple my website traffic in two months.

Pinterest has been a big part of my marketing strategy, with many of my blog posts reaching tens of thousands of shares in just a few months. I’ve shared a lot of my strategies and results already in my Pinterest blog series, and in this podcast with Tracy, I talk about some of the more recent Pinterest marketing tips and go a little deeper into the best ways for a ‘Pinterest newbie’ to get started marketing your business on Pinterest.


The Podcast: What we covered about Pinterest

I had such a great time talking with Tracy in this podcast. Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • My business journey, and how I discovered Pinterest
  • Secrets to quickly grow a genuine following on Pinterest
  • Specific strategies to grow your website traffic with Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is not a social network, it’s a search engine
  • What call-to-actions to use on Pinterest
  • The importance of updating your account to a business account
  • What Pinterest group boards are and how to find them
  • How to become a contributor to a Pinterest Group Board
  • What are the differences between a good Pin and a great Pin
  • Why you should consider hiding Pinterest images in your blog
  • How to use Pinterest to conduct split-tests on your blog titles
  • Tips for Pinterest newbies – where to start?
  • How to use Tailwind* to automate Pinterest (*affiliate link)

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About the Podcast Host

Tracy Harris - Mums with Hustle Podcast

Tracy Harris is a full-time mum, teacher turned mumpreneur, and online community builder who leads a global hustlin’ tribe of over 30,000 bizmums to find their own tribe, get noticed and build a powerful brand online. She is an Instagram badass who isn’t afraid to keep it real and authentic. Tracy hosts her own weekly Mums With Hustle Podcast, where she discusses the latest business-building strategies and tips with mummas who are killing it in their industry.

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