The 10 Best Adult Coloring Tutorials for Beginners

New to adult coloring books? Adult coloring books are a great way to relax and reconnect with your creative side. But with so much advice on the internet - from adult coloring tutorials to choosing the right colors - it can be intimidating for a beginner colorist to find and learn the basic coloring skills and pencil techniques for adult coloring pages. So

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How to Draw Gemstones with Colored Pencils | Guest Tutorial by Amanda Rose Rambo

If you're looking for something to help your adult coloring pages pop and stand out from other artists, you need to learn how to draw gemstones! Gems can turn a boring space into a beautiful piece of art on it's own - and it's not as tricky as it looks. When it comes to coloring or drawing gems, Amanda Rose Rambo is the

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Copic Marker Secrets that Self-Taught Colorers Never Hear | Guest Post by Amy Shulke

This article is a guest blog post by Amy Shulke from Vanilla Arts. When I first came across Amy’s website about a year ago, her Copic Marker tutorials gave me more useful tips than I could find anywhere else. When it comes to learning how to use Copic Markers, Amy is a great teacher. I love her style and was so excited when

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Getting Started with Copic Markers: A Beginner’s Guide | Guest Post by Heidi Berthiaume

Copic Markers are used by professionals for graphic design, architecture, papercraft, fine art, doodling, journaling, illustration, manga & so much more. They are often considered to be the world's best alcohol markers, and they are a popular choice for adult coloring books! In this guest blog post by Heidi Berthiaume (AKA Curator Prime of Vintage Coloring) you'll learn the basics of Copic Markers, how to understand

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How to Draw Turquoise Gemstones with Tombow Paint Markers | Guest Tutorial by Sue Curry

It always amazes me what people are able to create with simple pencils or markers, and I love learning new coloring techniques to use in my adult coloring pages. I have never tried coloring gemstones yet, so when I saw these turquoise gemstones that Sue Curry created on this coloring page, I asked her immediately if she could share her process with us... and

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How to Make a Christmas Cracker | Free Template and Tutorial

Here in Australia, Christmas crackers (AKA bon-bons) are a huge part of our Christmas celebrations. They make an appearance on the table at almost every Christmas dinner we attend, ready to be ripped apart, so the "winner" can wear their paper crown prize with pride. The jokes are always terrible, the gifts are usually ridiculously small and cheap, but they are much loved

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How to Make a Christmas Gift Box

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to color and make these adorable Christmas paper gift boxes using my printable templates. These DIY Christmas gift boxes are a great way to personalize your Christmas gifts for family and friends. You can print them multiple times and experiment with different color combinations to create an endless amount of different boxes. There

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29 Creative Ways to Repurpose Coloring Pages

If you're an adult coloring book fan, you'll agree there's never a problem in finding more things to color, however there's often the problem of knowing what to do after you've finished coloring in. There are only so many walls to hang framed coloring pages, and it's a shame to just leave them all in a box or folder. So what else can

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How to Create a Galaxy Background With Colored Pencils | Prismacolor Tutorial by Cristin April Frey

I've always been super impressed at people who can draw galaxies or starry nights with paints or pencils. So when I saw that Cristin April Frey had released a video tutorial on how to create a galaxy background with colored pencils, I contacted her straight away to let me share her amazing coloring page tutorial with you! If you missed Cristin's last guest post,

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Understanding Color Theory: The Basics

This post is a collaborative article from Danelle Smart Schaefer (text) and Sarah Renae Clark (images). Check out Danelle's blog at Basic Color Theory When it comes to using color, the basic color theory rules are the same no matter what medium you’re using. Here I’m going to describe some basic color theory principles so

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